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MarriageCord is the arm of W2NM which has been birth, to serve and advance God’s original and restorative purpose and plan for Christian marriages. God began with the family, and we believe the family will be part of God’s grand wrap up of the ages– it is back to Eden, the place of wholeness and delight, where it all began. Marriage can be full of faith, fellowship and fun when worked according to God’s plan.


Ayodele & Ayodola DahunsiFounders - MarrageCord
Ayodele and Ayodola have been married for over 26 years. Ayodele and Ayodola have gleaned their experience and insight in marriage from the Word of God and many years of coaching and mentoring other couples.

They serve as marriage counselors in their local church, where they head up the Family Life Ministry and are Marriage Today certified counselors. Their desire is to see Christian marriages energized through the truth of God’s Word and Christian couples experiencing the best God has for them in marriage.

They are blessed with two young adult sons and live in beautiful Alberta, in Western Canada.


We stand for the uncompromised Word of God regarding marriage and we invite individuals, churches and organizations to partner with us to co-host MarriageCord Success Seminars, Marriage Conferences or Couples’ Getaway and to build a community of believers who stand for righteousness in marriage, who are an example to the world and who have a formidable voice in the marketplace and the nation. 

If you would like to partner with us to co-host a MarriageCord event, please fill out the form below. 

Our Vision

We strive to raise faithful marriage stewards and see marriages strengthened and thrive as husbands and wives each walk, in obedience to God’s Word and fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their marriage. We accomplish this through our marriage toolbox centre, events such as our marriage success seminars, marriage conferences and couple getaways and by offering marriage products and resources.

Our Mission

The mission of MarriageCord is to reveal to Christians, all over the world, God’s heart and intent for the covenant of marriage and to see Christian marriages flourish. We will do our part to bring marriages back to Eden, so God’s people can experience vitally in their marriages all that Jesus has obtained for them legally. 

❯ We are called to break the strongholds of religion and popular culture and equip the body of Christ with the truth of the Word, so God’s people can experience covenant realities in their marriages.  

❯ We disciple married born-again believers by teaching them to give God’s Word first place in their marriages, making the Word of God their guide and their standard, which will enable them to experience transformed lives and marriages and intentionally pursue and live out their God – ordained purposes. 

❯ We develop resources that support Christian marriages to flourish by establishing husbands and wives in the principles of God’s Word, especially as they relate to marriage - faith, love, healing, prosperity, redemption and righteousness - and bringing them to the place where they can effectively share those principles with others and be an example to the world around them. 

❯ We empower Christians to enjoy married life to the fullest as we revive the spark of intimacy and fun, one marriage at a time.  

❯ We proclaim the lordship of Jesus Christ on a worldwide scale through our partnerships with local churches and individuals and the use of marriage success seminars, marriage conferences, couples’ getaways and every medium available to MarriageCord. 


MarriageCord is an arm of Witness2Nations Ministries Inc.


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