A MARRIAGE BEYOND THE DREAM By Drs. Thomas and Maureen Anderson

You really can have a marriage that is “Heaven on Earth.” Learn from Drs. Thomas & Maureen Anderson, who are known for their rock-solid commitment to each other, what God’s intention and design is for marriage. This is an eye-opening, candid, and often humorous approach to building a marriage beyond your wildest dreams. Hear their secrets for building a lasting union and apply these principles in your marriage immediately.

In this book, you will learn:

  The why’s behind the way we tick. Different is good!

  Three things that drive a successful marriage.

  What to do when you’re just not feeling it.

  Barriers to intimacy – overcoming the obstacles

  Sex and the Covenant.

  Understanding the chemicals of our body.

  What to do in the low times.

  Seasons in the marriage.

  And much, much more (yes we mean sex!)